A series of original artworks in print. Shows
include Stolen Space & Haunch of  Venison


A selection of advertising work covering art direction for global campaigns


An array of book cover illustration & design including David Mitchells - Cloud Atlas


A range of print & pattern designs involving
work for Alexander Mcqueen

Little White Lies - Issue 38 - D&AD Award

Sunny and I are really pleased to receive a D&AD award for the cover illustration. Along with Designer: Angus MacPherson, Creative Director: Paul Willoughby, Editor: Matt Bochenski and Illustrator: Lauren Gentry.

We were commissioned to create Issue 38 for the 'Little White Lies' cover 'Another Earth'. The cover was a duel cover, black on white or white on black.

The release focuses on Mike Cahill’s existential sci-fi drama Another Earth – in which newcomer Brit Marling faces the prospect of meeting her intergallactic twin upon discovery of a duplicate Earth.


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